Josh Gondrez creates art installations, working with video, sculpture and photography. Rudimentary materials and sets feature in both the videos and objects that make up his installations. Using non-actors and a grab bag of film and home-video techniques, his projected works are influenced by both cinema and performance in their most crude forms. 


In February of 2015, with fellow artists Zach Reini and Janice Schindler, Gondrez started an artist run studio and pop-up gallery in Denver, Colorado called Leisure. Through this space he has been able to curate, exhibit and write on other artist’s work. His studio practice began in 2009 and he is a BFA candidate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. 



An investigation of the individual positioning that occurs in groups of people and selfhood is the driving force of my work. Through video, sculpture and photography, my work comes together as spaces for convivial expression. My installations are an attempt at documenting the individuality of others, through narrative or representational means, and filtering them through my own perspective. This is done by placing and structuring them in a way to suggest an anarchic solution to loneliness and loss.


I approach video in a way that acknowledges and builds on the history of the moving image as it began with cinema, but without the ideology of what cinema should be as dictated by its current, relatively young, industry in the west. This way of working extends to my sculpture and photographic practice as well. My sculptures and photographs replicate or capture in assemblages mass-produced and distributed objects that are forgotten and disposable. My video work often includes similar props, alongside performance. This involves other people, less as actors and more as additional signifiers, ephemeral and profane in and of themselves.